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Off the property (Click for activities at the property)

Exciting and fun. You can explore the secret sub-aquatic world of the Bay under the guidance of professional divers from Kenmare Bay Diving. Located at the spectacular Kilmackillogue Harbour, a 20 minute walk or 5 minute drive from the house, the diving club will supply you with all the gear and equipment you need. For complete beginners or seasoned pros. Telephone +(00 353) 087 699 3793 to book or make enquiries
Crabbing and rock pooling

Just a short distance from the farm, the children will enjoy the rock pools and sea life, from crabs to jelly fish. Typically, you find yourselves as the only family at the cove. Fishing nets and buckets available for use.

Within this natural beauty spot of south west Ireland, there are two beautifully appointed 18 hole courses in Kenmare. Kenmare Golf Club is set in the heart of the town with next to the water's edge. Secondly, The Ring of Kerry Golf and Country Club just out of the town is at an elevated position, with spectacular views high above Kenmare Bay. Both clubs welcome non-members. Their phone number to book are: +(00 353) 064 66 41291 and +(00 353) 064 66 42000 respectively.
Swimming in the sea

Just a short distance from the farm, the calm waters of the local cove make for lovely swimming. Typically, you find yourselves as the only family at the cove.
Canoeing & Kayaking

A 15 minute drive from the farm, you can small sailboats canoes and many other water-related crafts, which are to be found at "Star Outdoors". Water activities are offered with experienced instructors and state-of-the-art equipment. Telephone +(00 353) 064 66 41222 to make enquiries or book.
Horse riding

Dromquinna Riding Stables, closest to Kenmare town. Mountain, sea and woodland rides from 1/2 hour upwards. Beginners and experienced riders. Lessons available for children and adults. Pony camps, 3 to 4 days. Telephone : +353 (64) 66 41043 or +353 86 108 3318 (Mobile). When booking tell them that I, Debra, sent you.
Blackwater Stables. Approved Stables for pleasure rides through the scenic Kenmare - Blackwater area. Horses & ponies to suit all. Blackwater Stables offers a wide variety of equine activities, from Trekking to lessons as well as breaking and schooling of young horses. Telephone : +353 (64) 66 28939.

River fishing is the business of Kenmare Angling and Sightseeing, ideal for the smaller group or for those who prefer to plan their own excursion. Small, private tours of Kenmare Bay can also be arranged. Your knowledgable skipper will inform you as you sail. Telephone +(00 353) 087 259 2209 for more enquiries
Clay Pigeon Shooting

If you find yourself back in Kenmare, or want to go specifically, clay pigeon shooting can be organised through Sheen Falls Lodge, one of the town 5* hotels. Telephone +(00 353) 064 66 40003 to book

Approximately, a 15 minute drive from the house, on Kenmare Bay, sailing is possible from "Star Outdoors". The Kenmare River is a very under-used waterway, which means that there's plenty of space for novice sailors and old sea dogs alike to explore the river. Your voyage will be undertaken with supervision and tuition. For more information, phone +(00 353) 064 66 41222
Bay cruise trips

Again, a 15 minute drive from the house, you can take a cruise from "Star Outdoors", from their pier at Dawros. Find the seals in their natural habitat and enjoy the informative, commentary and refreshments on board. Telephone +(00 353) 064 66 41222 to make enquiries or book. Seafari 064 66 83171.
Water skiing

Water skiing is just one of the water pursuits available a mere fifteen minutes journey from the farm at "Star Outdoors". All the equipment is the latest available with instructors to ensure your safety. Telephone +(00 353) 064 66 41222 to book

If you have your own bikes with you, you can enjoy peaceful bike rides up and down the farm, or around the local coast roads. Alternatively, if you don't have bikes, you can hire a range of bicycles from Finnegan's Bicycle Hire at the top of Henry Street, in Kenmare. Its an ideal way to is the ideal way to experience the atmosphere, sights and scenery. Telephone +(00 353) 064 66 41083 to book
"Row your boat"

Either a half an hour beautiful walk or a 5 minute drive, you can hire a rowing boat and enjoy a lazy sail at Cloonee Lake. Following an hour or two bobbing on the water, you could enjoy some refreshments at the Lakehouse, next to the lake, or take a picnic for the walk home. To book, simply call +(00 353) 064 66 84205

On the property(Click here for 'Off the property' activities below)

Tent building and camping

Simply put up the tent provided, along with some sleeping bags, and enjoy a night under the stars. You never know what animals you may here or see in the dark of night, or the early morning rise, such as the stag or deer
Kite flying Enjoy a spot of kite flying with the kites already at the farm.

Simple farm cricket, to be played within any of the fields. There are cricket bats, balls and wickets provided for your pleasure. The streams are definate "6's".
Small to higher hill climbing

The farm is surrounded by many beautiful walks, with a small hill as part of the farm property. Up at the peak, you can see over the surrouding countryside and bay. Absolutely beautiful scenery. This walk is possible for small children and not too steep for adults carrying smaller children.
Like the cricket, enjoy a game of family rounders with the equipment provided, on the farm.
For those quiet times, enjoy a game of chess or draughts with the board provided.
Jigswas & board games

Whether early mornings, before heading out for the day, or last thing at night, enjoy a variety of the board games and jigsaws provided.

There is a gramophone at the house, for a selection of records to be sung or danced along to. Possibly, an evening of fun, along with the dressing up.
Bug hunt

The children love wandering the farm with a purpose. What better way than to go on a bug hunt. Nets and jars provided, providing the bugs are set free at the end of the show-and-tell period
Make you own farm treasure hunt

Using the maps provided, you can set up your very own treasure hunt for the children. We have provided some "treasure" for your convenience. You may want to think about your own prize to suit.
Flower pressing

The farm is fortunate to have lots of wild flowers and grasses. In moderation, feel free to pick the wild flowers, which can be pressed into bookmarks and cards, for example.
Beastly beast fishing in the streams Nets and jars provided for those children that like hunting in water for living creatures.
Dressing up For a spot of entertainment, there is a box of dressing up clothes, for all those little ones with a large imaginations
Children's traditional irish cooking Getting the children involved in a spot of irish cooking, for a traditional family feast.
Running, climbing, hiding, football, volleyball over the make it up as the play continues... Generally, putting their wellies on, opening the door, and letting them run free...